Ailish’s Photo Shoot

It was a warm and sunny morning in July when a lovely family of three arrived for their family photography session in the cornfields. These shoots are very popular at this time of year and the cornfields do make for a lovely rustic backdrop.

From the car beamed a gorgeous, blonde toddler with lots of wardrobe choices in tow! I immediately met Pink Bunny #lifelongfriend and knew we were going to have lots of fun together.

Family photography in the cornfields

Toddler sessions are lovely, as you can’t expect them to understand lots of instructions or poses, so are largely led by them. As a photographer, you have to go with the flow and have lots of little props to hold their interest.

Making a posy of corn, blowing bubbles, having a tea party with daddy and pretending to be a photographer like me were all a hit with this gorgeous little one. I love seeing what sparks their imagination or holds interest – it’s in these moments you see them so engaged in what they are doing, nothing else matters around them.

A special surprise!

In between all the fun, I made sure we stopped for breaks – and after a munch through all the Pom Pom bear crisps she sat and held something very special for mummy and daddy – that’s right they are getting married!

Family photography in the cornfields

Thank you for a wonderful session and congratulations on your engagement!

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