Maternity Photography

Maternity photo shoot with soon to be mum

A maternity photo shoot, symbolises the start of a new journey and if I’m completely honest, it’s the best one of your life! As a maternity photographer, I meet many ‘mums to be’ full of anticipation, excitement and ready to embark on parenthood. It’s a special time and always wonderful to capture.

Why choose maternity photography?

Quite simply. This is a very unique time and one you will want to remember later on down the road. It’s a time to reflect and when you revisit your maternity pictures, you’ll have fond memories of how amazing it was to carry such a precious little person for 9 months.

A maternity photo shoot is such a lovely experience for you and your partner. Let this happiness shine through in those maternity pictures.

Second baby?

Is this your second? Then pause for a moment and picture them getting involved in the photo shoot.

Mum enjoying maternity photo shoot with daughter

Kissing baby bump, getting ready for the new arrival. It’s the last few months of being just 3! As a maternity photographer, this is one of my favourite moments. Why? because it makes them feel special and important too. Pregnancy photography with your older child is a fun and exciting twist to your family changing.

When should I book my maternity photo shoot?

An outdoor maternity photo shoot is something you should consider during the warmer months from May – September. You’ll find that the ideal time for maternity photography is during 27 weeks – 35 weeks. Pregnant enough to show off your bump but not in the last month when, let’s face it – just getting up can be a challenge!

In spring and summer, you are spoilt for choice, with great outdoor locations for maternity photography. Whatever month you choose, I will select an undemanding location to make everything seem as easy as possible.