I shoot on a full frame Nikon D810 - perfect for capturing that gorgeous light!

My favourite go to lens? The Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 or 85mm prime 1.4

So, this is me – in action, behind the camera and at my most happiest. It’s a beautiful creative art – where you can bring your own voice and vision to the table and ultimately, this is what makes every photographer different. It’s this distinctive approach, that would have started your search and it’s important to find a style of photography that fits your story.

My photography journey started years ago with a passion for photographing the innocence of childhood. Getting a glimpse into a little person’s world and seeing the connections between the family is like a breath of fresh air. When you were a child it seemed like a fairly long time – but as an adult you soon come to realise that parts of childhood are fleeting. Stop and document these special times, print your images – display them proudly on the wall – I promise you, you’ll thank me when you look back.

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So what makes me different? I understand you may feel uncomfortable in front of the camera or that your little one could feel shy. I'll guide you through the whole 'what to wear dilemma' - so you come to the photo shoot happy with how you've styled your little brood. These personable traits are what I also enjoy about being a portrait photographer in this lovely industry.

You'll find my photography style a mixture of posed and activity based shots that everyone will enjoy. My editing style is clean, light and expressive focusing on beautiful colour and light.